Podcast Ep.64 – Can you date a Friend feat. Michele from Rules of Engagement


Welcome back listeners! This episode attempts to answer questions that people have asked since the debut of the film “When Harry Met Sally”: Can you date a friend? Should you date a friend? If you can and should, how do you go about making it happen?

I enlisted the help of  Michele Danna, Creative Content Editor for the Rules of Ungagement blog to discuss the pros and cons of dating friends. While you’re listening you should go check out Rules of Ungagement. They’re on twitter @ungagement, on the web atrulesofungagementblog.com, and on Facebook at Facebook.com/RulesofUngagement. If you have a good, bad or hideous tale of living the single life, feel free to reach out to Michele. Not only is she the Creative Content Editor, she’s also the Guest Blog Curator. If you’re wondering what “Ungagement” is all about, or how the creator, Olivia Elle, became “ungaged“, you have to read this post.

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Good Luck Out There.

Demetrius Figueroa

Demetrius is a sex, dating, and relationship writer based in Brooklyn.

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